Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Footie pajamas from 1950

During the colder winter months, don't we all dream of being surrounded on every side by soft, warm fabric? I came across these drawings of lovely footed pajamas (or pyjamas for some of you out there) from a monthly publication by Beyer's that appeared at the end of the year 1950.

A group of vacationing women is depicted in the midst of preparing themselves for a cold night in their primitive but nevertheless cozy Alpine shack. Each has on a pajamas suit that is uniquely eye-catching, both for its cut and its cloth. The most unusual feature of these sleeping suits, however, are the little cloth booties sewn onto the pant legs, designed—of course—to keep your tootsies warm.

The text accompanying these drawings is full of lighthearted humor and sound advice.
"The drawing on both these pages show you something new and practical for the cold winter days to come. Do not laugh at the sewn-on footies that may at first glance remind you of those rompers from your own childhood. Whoever sleeps in unheated rooms will quickly discover how practical they can be. Almost nobody lies so still in their bed that their feet do not occasionally peek out from under the blanket, and so-called "ice-feet" are often the start of an inconvenient cold. Of course one can make all these pajamas just as well without the footies, and optionally with gathered waist or open. Even the hood can quite useful. Apart from during ski trips, when many sportswomen spend the night in primitive huts, its use is also highly recommended after washing your hair at home. Comfortably slip the hood on over your curlers and you will not need to tie a restrictive turban onto your head. When folded back the hood lays flat like a broad collar. For best results buy striped, dotted, plaid, or solid-colored roughened flannel fabric and use it to make the style you like best. The description and pattern may be found under the respective numbers on the pattern sheet. We wish you success with your work and, when your pajamas are finished...pleasant rest!"

You will notice in the picture above that some of the models depict so-called "drop-seat" pajamas, that is, those with a flap on the backside for convenient use of the facilities during the nighttime.

I have a hunch that I am not the only person who would enjoy slipping my feet into a pair of footed flannel PJs. For those of you less familiar with the effects of bitterly cold air, the advantage of attached cloth booties as opposed to separate socks is that the former locks out the cold outside air completely, so there is no risk of draft and therefore less of an opportunity for you to come down with a case of "ice-foot".

Stay warm, everyone, and sweet dreams!

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