About the Hausfrau Journal

Who is the "Hausfrau"?

I am just a nostalgic, young housewife torn between two countries who loves my family, nature, birds and birdwatching, old music, sewing and crafting, thrifting, vintage things, and antiques.

I enjoy learning the history of the items I encounter in my everyday life am fascinated by the history of the so-called "domestic sphere", that is, homes and households.

Why do you write here?

If you are reading this, chances are you and I enjoy many of the same things, including a passion for history, a love of classic designs, a fascination for past fashions, and an interest in vintage items and antiques.

I started the Hausfrau Journal to enter into dialogue with people who share my interests, but I also feel compelled to contribute to our collective knowledge by sharing my unique experiences and insights.

Do you have an agenda?

Not really. I am not affiliated with any company and did not start the Hausfrau Journal as a grand money-making scheme. If at some point I have some neat antiques or vintage items to sell, I may do so, but for now the Hausfrau Journal brings in no income. Click on the "Blog with Integrity" badge below for more information.

What do you want from me?

I appreciate knowing that my efforts have in some small way impacted you, but it does take time and effort to post here regularly.

Your participation helps me to stay inspired and motivated to continue writing. Please feel free to

• leave a comment on an entry of your choice


• recommend the Hausfrau Journal to a friend.

I want to know more!

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On my "Contact and Connect" page you can find my email as well as links to my accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


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