Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dreamy nightgowns and their results

Wouldn't you just love to slip into a flowing, pink gossamer nightgown like the one pictured on this Simplicity pattern from the early 1960s?

Or perhaps for the cold winter nights a version in flannel with matching lace-trimmed housecoat would be more suitable?

Yes, I put on full make-up and pearl earrings every time I prepare for bed.

I am quite excited to sew up one or the other but haven't yet decided which. Do you have a preference? What fabric would you use?

Simplicity 1850, envelope back

As proof that life is always full of little surprises, as I was sorting through the pattern pieces the other day, this small piece of paper fell out:

Private Gynecological Clinic, Dr. S...

For childbirth, bring the following items:
   2 hand towels, 2 terrycloth towels
   nightgowns, bras
   toiletries, napkins.


For the child:
   bath towel
   washcloth, soap
   6-8 cloth wraps, 6-8 cloth inserts
   1 1/2 dozen diapers
   4 shirts, 4 jackets
   3 umbilical bandages

The children's clothing must be washed and marked.


Family record book or marriage certificate.

Whomever this pattern belonged to was apparently preparing to give birth to a child! This loose style of nightgown would probably be quite comfortable for a woman nine months pregnant to wear.

So, dear readers, have you ever found anything unusual tucked inside in a pattern?


  1. I actually found a gossamer vintage nightgown in a box on the street in SF-- major major score. There was also a cotton jacquard table cloth with tassles, yellow and white. Pretty much the best day ever. Love your blog, lady, definitely following. I'd love if you'd check my blog out and let me know what you think, follow if you're feeling inspired!

    Love these old simplicity patterns...


    1. What a find! I imagine you came home with a nightgown, tablecloth, and a big grin across your face.


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