Here's a collections of links and information of possible interest to my readers. Just so you know, I am not paid by any person or company to promote their websites here!

Websites of General Interest

Low Tech Magazine, where high tech isn't always the best solution to our problems

No Tech Magazine, the companion website to Low Tech Magazine with many smaller posts

Miederhosen: Informative German website on types of women's foundation garments

Online Stores (Europe), a source for unusual and hard-to-find undergarments

Mieder Eldorado, a Hungarian eBay store selling vintage undergarments in Europe
(I've bought from them before and was quite pleased.)

Danish Vintage Fashion online, a site more Germans should know about:

Dawanda, a great Etsy alternative:

Online Stores (North America)

Lehman's, selling old-fashioned and non-electric items

Vermont Country Store, selling hard-to-find good old favorites from past decades

Penzey's Spices, carrying the best herbs and spices aside from the ones you grow yourself!

This page is updated periodically, so check back later!

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