Monday, December 5, 2011

Q: What did the pantyhose say to the onion?

A: Let's hang out together!

Here is a handy tip for your kitchen that costs you nothing, saves space, and reuses old pantyhose that would otherwise just clog up a landfill. A win-win situation!

"She ain't what she used to be."

Step one

 Take your worn out pantyhose and cut off the legs.

Step two

Slip an onion down one leg of the pantyhose until it reaches the bottom. Tie a knot just above the onion.

Step three

Repeat as many times as you have onions.

Step four

Hang in your kitchen or food cellar.

Step five

When you need to use an onion, cut one off just below the knot. The rest of your onions will stay hanging prettily.

I learned this trick quite a while back, so I'm afraid I have no source for you. But it is a rather clever ways to store onions, wouldn't you agree? And why not try it out with apples, large potatoes, or even garlic cloves?

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