Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion brochures at the Görlitzer Warenhaus

Over the summer I had the pleasure of traveling to Görlitz, a city in far eastern Germany whose small size is disproportionate to its magnificence. Among the city's many architectural treasures is a department store building (Kaufhaus or Warenhaus) built in the German equivalent of the Art Nouveau style, known as Jugendstil.

The Görlitzer Warenhaus in the early 1950s

Even though the Görlitzer Warenhaus stands largely empty today, tourists may enter to catch a glimpse of the magnificent interior.

The Görlitzer Warenhaus today, virtually unchanged

The opulent interior

To my delight, An exhibition of fashion advertisements from the 1930s was set up in the hallway of the entrance for the visitors and passers-by to enjoy.

"Brochure from the KARSTADT-House in Görlitz from the 1930s"

As we were in a bit of a hurry, and a number of tourists were trying to get past me as I took these pictures, the quality is not terribly good. I have tried to clean them up a bit and flatten out the perspective with Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy these attractive and colorful illustrations as much as I did!

"The joy of a vacation is enhanced with functional clothing and gear from KARSTADT Görlitz"

Notice the depictions of foundation wear on the bottom:
a full body corset (left) and a two girdles (right).
And those hairstyles...

This page includes two entertaining examples of men's loungewear

Advertisements like these might be useful in dating vintage objects and accessories

A full-page spread of women's fashion

The sweetest children's fashions inspired in part by traditional German dress

What's more boxy: the luggage or those men's shoulders?

The Görlitzer Warenhaus is in desperate need of funding for upkeep and renovation. Fortunately an organization was recently founded by a number of concerned citizens to collect donations for the upkeep of this magnificent building. No word yet on how to contribute, but here is their webpage and address:

Bürgerinitiative Görlitzer Kaufhaus
Klosterplatz 10
02826 Görlitz

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