Saturday, November 12, 2011

Classy clips and chic chignons

A weekend treat for my dear readers: a glimpse of my two most recent acquisitions. The first item is a Lotos brand hair clip which I like to imagine gives its wearer the magical power to emulate a "come hither" look even more alluring than the one on the package. A girl can dream...

Does anyone have a guess when this was made, either based on the style of packaging or on the way the clip was manufactured?

A close up of the hardware
The other newest member of the Hausfrau's family of vintage accessories is a chignon net ("Knotennetz") to tame those fly-aways that inevitably appear when I put my hair in a bun.

A HEKO brand chignon net made with "extra strong perlon"

"The word PERLON and symbol (perlon) are registered
trademarks of the PERLON Trademark Organization Corp."

Perlon is a trademark name dating to 1952 for a type of nylon fiber developed as early as the 1930s. Whereas initially it was used exclusively in industrial settings, by the late 1940s production of women's stockings made from this synthetic fiber was in full swing. I highly recommend stopping by the German Hosiery Museum's website to read through the articles on Perlon and the GDR/DDR equivalent Dederon. (The entries are in English, if you were wondering.)

Even though the thrift store I bought this from had over a dozen of these bun nets, most were in dark brown or light brown and no blonde ones were left, so I took home the color that would blend in best with my lighter-colored hair.

Hope you enjoyed these two beauties. If you have ever used hair nets in general or chignon nets in particular, I would enjoy hearing about your experience and any tips you might offer.


  1. I am a huge fan of hair nets as I use them daily, mainly to keep my overnight set curls in place. But I use it only on the back of my head fixing it with a bobby pin behind my ears. In the evening before going out I comb my curls out. A hairnet is great when I am outside a lot during the day riding my bicycle so the wind cannot destroy my carefully set hairdo. I just found out that Müller drug store sells still hairnets which are nearly invisible- they are really thin and great to use on a daily basis when you have light blond hair like mine.

  2. @Golden Magpie That's a great tip about wearing hairnets on windy days or when biking—I will have to try that out. So far I have shied away from wearing the full-head hairnets in public ("Are they looking at me or my hairnet?"), but your method of pinning it behind the ears is more subtle. Good to hear Müller carries the invisible kind. You might also have luck finding blonde ones at Roßmann.


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