Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

When I first set foot in my new apartment, it instantly felt like home. Considering my husband picked out the place for us without my ever having seen it, I count myself exceedingly lucky! He chose a spacious yet cozy apartment that fills an entire floor of an early twentieth-century house.

And the best part?

Both the kitchen and bath were renovated in the 1950s and still include many details from this period! My husband had not said a word of this to me ahead of time, so discovering this for myself felt like winning the lottery, or at least a game of bingo.

Yes, home is where the heart is, but for me home is also where my treasured belongings surround me. As we unpacked the boxes that had languished in storage for so long, I greeted my collections of antiques, vintage decorations, books and records like old friends.

Speaking of old friends, have I mentioned that we share our space with a bevy of tiny, colorful parrots? Family had been taking care of my small flock for a couple years during our stay in Europe, but now that we're back in North America (at least for the time being), they're living with us again.

The wild birds and monarch butterflies around me are in the midst of their long journey to find winter quarters. As I hear the formations of geese pass by with their distinctive honking and watch the groups of hawks slowly winding up into the sky on a warm pocket of air, I cannot help but draw a parallel with my own migration over such a great distance. Unlike the wild creatures, however, I hope not to make such moves a regular occurrence!

Did you know that the Hausfrau Journal has also migrated to a new home? From now on you can find my many musings at If you have not yet seen my new home(page), come right on over and take a look around!


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  1. It's great to hear that you have arrived safely. Your new home seems to be beautiful. :)
    xxx Lea


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