Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the move

Source: Sweet Mama Jane

The Hausfrau is busy these days packing her things for a transatlantic move. Mercy, have I ever collected a boatload of vintage in recent months! My husband has made the smart tactical move of refraining from any comments on this topic, but I can tell he is not looking forward to lifting my suitcases....

And you can be sure I wept few tears when I had to entrust "die deutsche Post" with several carefully-packed boxes of one-of-a-kind dresses, linens, and kitchen gadgets. Will I ever see them again?

Source: Happy Postcards

Inspired by my real-life change, I have decided to move my blog as well, away from the "blogspot" subdomain and to a dedicated URL, Since this entails updating a few posts and troubleshooting over a period of time, I'm expecting the transfer to be complete by the beginning of September.

Back to the boxes...

(By the way, many thanks to rockin' Susan at Susan's Diary—Vintage style meets heavy music for nominating the Hausfrau Journal for a "one lovely blog" award! If you're into mid-century with a twist of heavy metal, check out her not-so-ordinary blog.)

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