Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can you wash paper buttons?

Take a look at this apron I found at a second hand store in my local city. The red and white gingham pattern matches the color scheme of my kitchen perfectly, so I snatched it up instantly. Don't you just love the use of blue, red, and white rick rack to decorate the borders and pockets?

What has me scratching my head is a set of buttons on the shoulder straps which I swear are made of pressed paper and embossed with a pattern.

Should I risk throwing these into my washing machine or will they turn into pulp?

Frau B. took the time to initial her work



  1. You could remove the buttons, wash the apron and then sew the buttons on again ;)

  2. @Anne Toft Ah, now this whole post just makes me look lazy, doesn't it?

  3. These sort of buttons were also used on field uniforms, so I imagine they must have been made to withstand some sort of water resistance. Whether they are capable for extended full immersion is another story...


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