Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter is better with miniature eggs...

Happy Easter, everybody!

I've been enjoying the lovely spring weather, especially the fresh breezes and bright sunshine.

Traditionally my family would dye eggs the day before Easter Sunday. Today I introduced a little twist to the usual by dying the tiny eggs my birds laid over the past year. What do you think?

(Pssst — don't miss the bonus pictures at the end of this post!)

They sure turned out well! Hopefully they'll last a couple years, because I'm trying not to let my birds nest anymore since it's hard on their little bodies.

And here are the bonus posts. First a chocolate bar I picked up from my latest trip to eastern Germany:

And finally some gorgeous vintage reproduction salt and pepper shakers in the form of white rabbits:

My sincerest wishes for a happy holiday to you all!


  1. The eggs look just beautiful. I hope that you have a happy Easter!

    1. Thanks, Lucy! It was quite nice this year. Hope you also had a lovely holiday!


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