Thursday, March 1, 2012

1950s Tana eyelash products

As I was working on the last post on a book offering the vintage alternative to Botox, I came across this small, oblong advertisement for two Tana eyelash products that had been used as a bookmark:

What is this mini pamphlet touting? Here are some closeups so you can see some of the details better:

"appealing, expressive, interesting..."

This eyelash balsam has been one of Tana's oldest and best selling products and can still be purchased today. Here is a link to the product on Tana 1201 Wimpernbalsam. In this vintage advertisement, the company boasts this product's effectiveness in encouraging eyelash growth and its dark tint to create "noticeable beauty".

As we see here, the company also sold an eyelash coloring kit in addition to its tinted lash balsam. Tana claims that their coloring agents will not create sticky or dry lashes, irritate the eyes, or rub off. Tana's "Wimperntusche", as it was called, was available in black, brown, blue, and grey. And you can still buy it today, although it goes by a slightly different name: Tana Color Wimpernfarbe (in black).

Tana began production of its beauty products in 1935. Assuming this ad dates to the same time as the book I found it in, they had already achieved distribution to countries including the USA, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria in the 1950s. Their website can be found here:

Thought you lovely readers might enjoy sharing my surprise and delight upon discovering this unique "bookmark"!

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